Wow cable TV: a company that lives to its name

Currently, Wow can be referred to as the largest cable TV service provider in the nation of the US. Wow has gained such fame because they work in a manner that lives up to the name Wow. The company does not care if the problem is small or huge. They are committed to helping the customer in any way possible. Another huge advantage of opting for Wow TV is that they do not use binding contracts in the subscription process. Thus, the customers can leave anytime they want without paying an extra amount as the termination fee.

Wow provides its customers with an amazing channel lineup, high-speed Internet connection, extremely affordable packages etc. Those customers who have checked out Wow TV services have described their experience as the best.

Packages and pricing

The packages in the case of Wow cable TV are extremely affordable. Suppose you decide to opt for Wow TV. In that case, you will enjoy unrestricted access to premium channels, on-demand content, movie watching channels etc., at very low prices. The best part of the whole deal? Wow also offers its customers three different cable packages to select from.

Small cable package

This is for those who want a TV cable package but are not exclusively inclined towards having certain channels. This package does not contain popular channels like Fox Sports and family central. If you have a specificity about which channels you want or are a sports fan, this is not the package you should opt for. This cable package provides the customer with 90 channels to watch. Even with a mere number of 90 channels, this package provides its users with more channels than the others.

Medium cable package

Medium cable package is a leap from the small cable package in the positive direction. If you choose to opt for the medium cable package, you will be able to avail 150 channels. There are some great channels available in the medium cable channel like Nickelodeon, Travel Channel, etc. Not only this but the customers are also allowed to opt for one specific premium channel. The customers can choose one from HBO, Starz, or Cinemax. Suppose you’re looking for a complete package of cable TV that contains premium channels, sports, and movie channels. In that case, you should go for the medium cable package.

Large cable package

Large cable package is the biggest challenge line up that Wow cable TV has to offer to its users. If you choose to go for this channel lineup, you will be availing of 250 channels. If you are someone who likes the complete experience, you should go for this package. The customers of large cable package will also receive exclusive access to channels like NFL Network and Viceland.


As has been seen to be the case of almost all cable TV service providers, the customers of Wow may have to pay different rates depending on the location they live in. However, in almost all areas, the customers are happy with the deals that Wow has to offer to them. There is a catch if you choose to go for low prices of Wow. The customers will have to enter into the 24-month contract to avail of the lower prices. They will also have to select auto payment as the billing method.

Once the contract period is over, there is a price rise in the subscription rates. Thus, it is imperative that you keep track of your subscription date. Before your subscription date gets over, you can either make a switch from Wow cable TV to another cable TV service provider, or you can discuss with the customer service regarding the availability of any promotional bonus that can be availed to keep the price low.

Wow ultra

Wow has also entered the smart TV market with the ultra-box. The ultra-box has gained immense popularity amongst TV lovers. Suppose you choose to opt for the ultra-box. In that case, you will receive exclusive access to all the regular channels of ultra-box and a huge amount of on-demand content. Another huge advantage in the case of the ultra-box is that the ultra-box can also be converted into a router and used to stream Netflix.

If you decide to go for Wow TV, you will not have to worry about the lack of good channels. There is no dearth of channels in Wow TV. From sports to TV shows, a huge collection of on-demand content, movies, etc., Wow has everything to make your TV viewing experience simply excellent. Furthermore, the availability of the option of subscribing to one premium channel is like the cream on the cake. If you have decided to switch your cable TV provider, check out Wow cable TV.