Private Jet Charter: Choosing The Right Private Jet

When it comes to private jet charter, size matters. The larger the jet, the more passengers it can accommodate, but a larger aircraft also costs more to charter per hour. Smaller aircraft, on the other hand, have fewer seats and are therefore cheaper to charter per hour. Most private jet charter companies will charge an additional fee for each passenger, and the type of flight will also influence the fee. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a private jet:

On-demand private jet charter

If you are looking for a private jet rental but don’t know where to start, there are now a few options. On-demand private jet charters have emerged as a popular option for travelers who aren’t interested in dealing with the hassles of traditional travel. Fortunately, technology has made the process easier than ever. One such service is TapJets, which focuses on the whole experience of private travel. Booking and routing details are handled through the company’s app. Available through the Google Play and Apple stores, the app is also accessible via the website.


If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a light jet, consider a turboprop for your private jet charter needs. These aircraft can fly up to eight passengers and have a range of about 800 to 3,000 miles, making them an excellent choice for both business and leisure flights. Turboprops are also more fuel-efficient than light jets, meaning they can offer the same level of comfort and luxury as other types of aircraft, without the expense.

Light jets

If you are looking for a private jet charter for a short trip, a Very Light Jet is the right choice. These aircraft are ideally suited for outings, family outings, or events with limited luggage space. Light jets are also capable of non-stop flights between popular cities, making them a great choice for frequent flyers. In addition, most light jets feature in-flight Wi-Fi.

Velox Air

When it comes to private jet charter, Velox Air has built a solid reputation on pristine planning, top-notch safety, and exceptional hospitality. With its extended network of aviation partners around the world and an extensive network of aircraft operators, Velox aspires to achieve perfection. When you are looking for the best private jet charter service, look no further than Velox. Its team of professionals will be happy to provide you with access to a wide range of luxury aircraft for your needs.

Four Seasons

There are a few benefits of using a Four Seasons Private Jet Charter. First, these flights are designed exclusively for private groups of 52 passengers. As such, they provide a truly bespoke experience. This is largely due to the fact that a Four Seasons Private Jet is operated by a dedicated crew, with one person per six or seven passengers. Secondly, private jets are extremely luxurious and can be booked for extended journeys.