Get To Know More About Plank Wood Floors 

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, the magnificence that comes with plank wood flooring is beyond degree. With various varieties and patterns, plank floors give you the comfort and the exact style that steals your heart all the time. Junckers provide a rare chance to experience this type of enchantment from bedroom floors, kitchen to living rooms, and even patios. We have the best interior designers who will ensure that you have achieved the best plans for your flooring purposes.

The majority of our clients are stuck on the exact brand of wood to choose. At Junckers, we have a variety of wood sizes from around 130mm to 190mm wide. Junckers give you an extremely wide range of choices to pick from and obtain a complete look with different shades and patterns. We provide woods of the following kind:

  • Dark oak flooring:If you are going for antique taste, this is the best choice. With its black color, this type of flooring makes your house look original and real. At Junckers, we have blended it with diverse looks, making it even better by producing the best touches on your flooring.

  • Oak floors:For clients with the spirit of adventure, we have the oak planking type that gives you the freedom to choose numerous expressions. Whether you are targeting colorful floors or cool neutral ones, we got your back.

In addition to species, this type of flooring comes in different ratings. Amazingly, every grade rating has its look and features that are unique from the rest. Moreover, their resilience differs entirely. Junckers assist you in finding out the exact rating you want for your floor, from classic harmony to variation. Junckers provide the preplacement services on your worn-out floors by going through the difficult process of finding the exact match to your wooden floors. We also treat floors if they are not beat enough to need replacement using the techniques below:

  • Varnish is considered the most effective solution since it gives various choices between silk or ultra. Ultra makes it impossible to distinguish between polished and oily floors. Varnish mostly requires less care compared to oily floor surfaces.
  • Oiling plank floors give your floors the original feel of revealing their magnificence, and such covers make reinforcing easier. Fleecy floors retain the texture of the foundations by using a specific mechanism that makes the brushing visible.

At Junkers, we also consider the kind of clients that love plank wood floors that are untouched and without any form of finishing. Without any extra furnishing, we ensure that you walk on such floors. Such floors give you the freedom to choose your customized finishes.

Better room feel, faster and simpler installation, affordable budgets, wood plank varieties, and magnificence are what Junckers bring to the table. With all of these amazing offers, there is nothing more you will ever need when it comes to flooring with wood planks. Do not hesitate every time you need flooring services because we guarantee total flooring perfection with us. You can find plank flooring here and your needs will be satisfied to the latter.