Cigarettes Vs. Vaping

All over the world, people are switching to vaporisers. When you smoke cigarettes, you might not notice the smell it leaves on your clothing, but your co-workers and family continue to complain about it. Cigarettes leave smells and odours. You may notice your teeth have gone yellow and your overall health is declining. Smoking causes extreme negative health side effects such as chronic COPD. Vapes are growing in popularity because, unlike smoking, they are affordable and do not leave residue in your hair, car, or on your clothing.


Years ago, smoking a cigarette was the “cool” thing to do. Big tobacco companies created witty and influential advertisements. Did you know cigarettes can contain more than 7,000 types of chemicals? Many of these chemicals are toxic. People who smoke may develop a smoker’s cough and blackened lungs.

You have to light a cigarette to smoke one. As you inhale, the cigarette will burn to release chemicals into your lungs. Cigarettes lower life expectancy. Smoking cigarettes may also increase your life insurance premiums. Even after you quit, the life insurance company may reject your application.


Many people are under the assumption that vaping does not cause any negative health side effects. On the contrary, vaping may cause negative health outcomes, but at a lesser level than cigarettes. When you use a vape, the e-liquid is heated into a gas.

Vapes offer a wider flavour range than cigarettes. Have you tried strawberry, peach, mint, mango, or banana? When you choose to quit smoking cigarettes and try vaping, you are no longer stuck to the same flavours as cigarettes. Often, you can only buy natural or menthol flavoured cigarettes. Vape stores offer vape juice flavours with endless possibilities.


Do you smoke one, two, or three packs of cigarettes a day? Have you considered how much money you are spending on cigarettes each week? Name brand vape juice may appear expensive. However, for many users, vape juice lasts much longer than three packs of cigarettes. Instead of ordering more vape juice, you will want to consider what nicotine level you desire. If you smoke half a pack of cigarettes or under, you may want to consider vape juice with three or six milligrams of nicotine. If you smoke a lot more than a few cigarettes a day, you can find vape juice with a much higher concentration of nicotine.