Best Three Practices For Oracle Auditing

Auditing is one of the most significant aspects of any company or organization. There are many industries such as healthcare, finance, or even the public sector that need detailed reporting, and this only can be done with the help of auditing.

Oracle is one of the widely used tools that helps any organization to collect and store its logs. The major thing that makes the oracle auditing process smooth is its compatibility with various operating systems such as Windows and Linux. Read on to know more.

  1. Optimize the database in the first place

As far as performance is concerned, Solar Winds DPA (Database Performance Analyzer) has a comprehensive method that one can easily notice while using an Oracle database to observe a company’s data. The compatibility of DPA is with other database systems, such as DB2, MySQL, the Cloud, and SAP ASE. Such a wide range of compatibility is a boon for any company as it can be a reason to advance their database inventory past Oracle.

If any organization wants the perfect analytical tool, then DPA could be the best choice. The advantages of using DPA include clear visual statistical displays created in real-time based on network data logs. Another benefit of DPA is that it can analyze data logs to assess workloads from various processes in the system.

  1. Analyze the data

Log Analyzer is the tool that can be used when a company needs to analyze the functioning capabilities of the machine in the company network. An organization should create an increasingly complete record. For that purpose, SolarWinds Log Analyzer helps the organization or firm to collect machine data constantly.

When there is much access to data and hidden trends, it is a complicated process to diagnose IT inefficiencies from a database. However, if used well, SolarWinds Log Analyzer can help companies find IT discrepancies with its detailed visual analysis of trends.

  1. Protect the network

Protecting the network is as important a part of oracle auditing as optimizing and analyzing the database. With the help of SolarWinds Security, the Event Manager can find and eliminate security vulnerabilities. Any company can easily integrate Security Event Manager in the database. Once it is integrated successfully, now it is the job of SEM to look closely into the company’s database for any security threats.

The major function of a Security Event Manager is to keep an eye on user access data to find any security threat from a user who creates unpleasant modifications to company data. Also, companies can use SEM to protect their database from viruses or cyber threats.


Installing the oracle auditing system does not only allow detailed data collection, but it could help the company get one step closer to a journey of an excellent and robust data tracking system. If the next goal of any company is to maximize effectiveness, it is recommended to integrate the system with visualization and data analytics.